About Us


In the face of high costs, uncertain schedules, and unprecedented risks, owners and construction managers realize they need reliable contractors to meet their goals.

Nordic Contracting has based its success on the core values when established in 1993 by our founding partners. We pride ourselves on trust, integrity, quality, safety, and dependability. Our commitment and leadership has enabled us to be a leading contractor in civil and concrete services within the private, public, and power/utility sectors in New Jersey and New York.

Nordic contractingOur Core Values


It is crucial to our success that we do what is right even when no one is looking.


We are dedicated to giving our clients the highest quality product. We treat everyone on our projects as if the final product is ours.


Time is of the essence. There is no other option then achieving our clients desired schedule durations and exceeding their expectations.


Our company’s strengths are built around our people. By treating our employees with dignity and respect we are able to achieve the highest level of strength each day.

Our History

Nordic Contracting Inc. works to provide our clients with a level of service and support that differentiates us from our competitors. We perform sitework, concrete foundations and general contracting services. In performing the sitework and foundations, Nordic helps ensure that the early stages of the project are completed with excellence and professionalism.

A well- managed company with solid financial reserves, Nordic possesses the resources to complete extensive projects. We are fully insured and bondable. The principals of the corporation have been involved in site development and concrete work for over 30 years.

Recent Awards

New Jersey Chapter of American Concrete Institute

99 Hudson

( 56th Annual )

American Dream

( 58th Annual )

New Jersey Chapter of American Concrete Institute

Stevens Institute of Technology

( 58th Annual )

JPMC Data Center

( 57th Annual )

New Brunswick Performing Arts Center

( 56th Annual )

Flamingo & Penguin Exhibit at Turtle Back Zoo

( 56th Annual )

Building 7

( 55th Annual )

Veterans Memorial Park

( 52nd Annual )

Digital Reality

( 51st Annual )